Super ShowDown Results (2020)

Lana accompanied Bobby Lashley during his entrance, but left immediately after.

Bayley had an interview. She said she’s making history tonight just like every other time in her career. She will prove she is the most dominant women’s champion that SmackDown has ever seen.

SmackDown Women’s title: Bayley (c) vs. Naomi

Bayley controlled things early, but Naomi made a comeback, sending Bayley to the floor and landing outside with a big plancha. Bayley got the heat after attacking Naomi on the apron and threw her into the barricade.

Bayley had the heat for a while until Naomi made a comeback following a kick in the corner, then followed with a springboard kick. Naomi springboarded and hit a springboard crossbody. Bayley hit the Bayley to Belly out of nowhere but only got a two count.

Naomi went for a full nelson but Bayley clipped her leg and hit a back suplex. Naomi went for a driver but Bayley escaped and hit a running knee to the corner. Naomi hit an enziguri as Bayley made it to the top rope but missed the springboard moonsault.

Bayley then used the shirt Naomi was wearing to trap her legs. Bayley then rammed Naomi’s head face first into the mat and pinned her to retain the title.

Winner: Bayley (c)

Thoughts: Fine match, Naomi was on fire as a babyface and Bayley settled into the heel role really well. The crowd could’ve been more into some of the key spots instead of doing random chants. The finish was clever and opens up a possible rematch if they want to go that way.

Rating: 2.75

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