Dakota Kai Talks Teaming Up With Raquel Gonzalez, Playing A Heel Character

Dakota Kai did an interview with ProWrestlingSheet to talk about her heel turn, teaming up with Raquel Gonzalez, Royal Rumble appearance, and more. Check out the highlights below.

On teaming up with Raquel Gonzalez:

Honestly, I’ve known Raquel for a long time. She was actually signed before I was. We get along so well. That aside, she has been waiting a long time for this opportunity and a lot of us backstage felt the same way because she’s so good. She’s got such a good attitude about everything.

It was a long time coming for her, so I love it. I love being able to play off of her. She’s such a strong girl too, so being able to have her in my corner helps so much. In ring and outside, because she is such a good person. So myself and a lot of us are super stoked that she’s finally getting her break basically.

On Shawn Michaels helping them:

He gave us ideas for our entrance and things like that. Everything I do to make Raquel look like this monster. And he gave us – kinda playing on him and Diesel when they used to tag and their entrance that they did – he kinda played on that by telling us to mimic some of the same. So… that’s cool! That was definitely something where I was like, “Are you crazy?! We’re literally Diesel and HBK. This is so cool.”

On being told she was going to compete in the Royal Rumble match:

When we get told we’re going to be involved in anything like that, we usually get told at the last minute. You know, they want to keep everything on the down low. So, when it happened, I think it was after World’s Collide we went to rehearse that night. It was crazy.

Watching the Royal Rumble when I was growing up it was one of my favorite pay-per-views. So, being involved in it myself, it was insane. I really had to take a moment, especially during the entrance and the little moment before then, to really absorb everything in the atmosphere and the feelings.

It was overwhelming and I really didn’t want to let that moment just go by so quickly. Even though it did because when you’re out there it’s so crazy with all the fans. So I really did my best to try and take in everything before it was gone.

On playing a heel character:

When it all started for me at WarGames, it was crazy and a little bit intimidating to me just because it’s so natural for me to play a babyface. It’s an easy role, but this was such a challenge. And with the addition of Raquel coming along a few months later, that added a whole new level to what I wanted to play with.

So it’s been really, really fun and a lot of the coaches and producers have been giving me a lot of good feedback to sort of use to take my character to the next level. It’s been such a creative outlet for me. Before it was fine, but I really needed something to sort of take me to the next level and give me more to play with. It’s still scary to me, but it’s a lot of fun.

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