Today In History: Bayley Wins MITB And SmackDown Women’s Championship (May 19, 2019)

On this day in history, just a year ago, Bayley proved herself once again when she won the MITB contract and the Smackdown Women’s Championship in the same night. AFter besting 7 other women in the MITB Ladder match, Bayley decided to get involved in the SmackDown Women’s title affair. Amid a two-on-one beatdown from Lacey and Charlotte against The Man, Bayley made her presence known, clearing Lacey from the ring and alley-ooping Charlotte face-first into the ring post when The Queen moved to dispatch her. Following some initial hesitation, Bayley did what needed to be done, cashing in her contract and flattening Flair with a top-rope elbow drop to claim her first SmackDown Women’s Championship.

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