Raw Results – July 6, 2020 (Grand Slam Battle)

Sarah Schrieber wanted to interview Bayley and Sasha Banks but they didn’t want to talk to her. Bayley said they’d rather go talk to the world. Asuka showed up and Schrieber asked how she felt about dealing with them alone tonight. Asuka said he wasn’t alone and danced away.

Bayley and Banks walked out and spoke about their busy schedules. Bayley said Nikki Cross can’t beat her, and Banks said she would tap-out Asuka. Banks said they were about to take over the company. Asuka interrupted. Asuka questioned “two-belts Banks” and said Banks wasn’t good at math. Asuka told Bayley she wasn’t ready for her. Asuka noted that Banks didn’t have a match tonight. Bayley accepted the challenge on Banks’ behalf before knowing what Asuka had planned. Kairi Sane entered and Banks wasn’t pleased.

Kairi Sane vs. Sasha Banks

Bayley argued with Asuka so Asuka shoved her down. Sane sent Banks out of the ring and knocked down the tag champs with a baseball slide. Banks was in control after a break, using a backbreaker for two. Sane dodged a double knee strike and came back with an axe kick, chop and flying forearm for two. Sane then used running blockbusters, a spear and a sliding forearm for two. They traded cradles until Banks used a double knee strike for two. Sane put Banks in a cross-legged Boston crab but Bayley attacked her for the DQ.

Winner: Kairi Sane (DQ)

Asuka made the save and brawled with the tag champs on the outside. Sane then knocked down Banks and Bayley with an Insane Elbow to the outside.

Caruso interviewed Asuka and Sane. Asuka and Sane challenged Bayley and Banks to a tag title match next week. Sane played their theme on a recorder.

Zelina Vega was with Garza and Andrade for their six man tag team match. Orton flew in with an RKO on Erik for the pinfall win. Orton stood with Andrade, Garza and Vega after the match.

The IIconics spoke backstage about how much they don’t like Ruby Riott or her tattoos. Riott appeared behind them. Riott said she was focused on them tonight and that was bad news for them. She said it wouldn’t be iconic, it would be tragic.

Billie Kay w/Peyton Royce vs. Ruby Riott

Kay was dominating early by kicking Riott into the corner before being sent into the middle turnbuckle. Kay managed to rip out Riott’s green hair extensions. Peyton distracted Ruby Riott allowing Billie Kay to hit two shots to the throat. She followed it up with an Eat Defeat and a sitout driver for the win.

Winner: Billie Kay

Caruso asked Bayley and Banks about Asuka’s challenge. Banks accepted which caught Bayley off-guard. Banks said they had no reason to worry and Bayley was on board.

Bayley vs. Asuka

Nikki Cross was on commentary. Bayley came for her early on in the match, sending Nikki into a frenzy but a bunch of security guys took her away. Asuka used the opportunity to hit a huge kick on Bayley at ringside. We returned to Raw to see Asuka hit a huge superkick after Banks and Bayley were yelling about Sane being at ringside. In the ring, Asuka kept the assault on and Bayley was trying to catch a breather before using the ropes to hurt Asuka. Asuka was sent outside and then into the announce table before sitting in with the announcers as we headed for a break.

Bayley was taunting the Raw champ when we returned to RAW and Asuka replied with a codebreaker to the face. Bayley caught a big backfist and then the hip attack on the apron. Asuka hit a dropkick off the top rope before being sent into the ring post. Bayley hit a cheap shot on Sane before Banks kicked Asuka from the apron but Asuka still kicked out. Cross appeared in the crowd and Asuka used the distraction to go for the Asuka lock and then a pin as Sane took out Banks who tried to break the pin.

Winner: Asuka

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