NXT Results – July 29, 2020 (Shinest Shirai)

Dakota Kai & Candice LeRae vs. Io Shirai & Tegan Nox

LeRae tripped up Shirai, and Kai hit Nox with a big boot. LeRae sent Nox into the ring steps before the show cut to picture-in-picture commercials. Heels got heat on Nox during the break, and some dashed some hope spots. After the commercial break, LeRae bonked heads with Nox. They both fell to the mat, but it created separation. Shirai after a hot tag ran wild on Kai. She did a series of backflips into a dropkick. Shirai knocked LeRae off the apron with a palm strike. Shirai then springboarded into a missile dropkick, but Kai kicked out on a pinning attempt.

Shirai set up for her moonsault press, but Kai tripped her on the turnbuckles. They fought perched on the ropes, and Shirai leapt off into a double stomp. Kai made a blind tag to an unwitting LeRae. Shirai delivered a Tiger Feint Kick, and followed with a missile dropkick off the top. Shirai struck LeRae with double kness in a corner. Shirai shifted focus to leap out of the ring for a tope on Kai. Nox rushed into the ring to deliver a the Shiniest Wizard on LeRae. Shirai off the top with a moonsault to score the pinfall.

Winners: Io Shirai & Tegan Nox

Dakota Kai in a backstage interview said she was done being a team player. She was done with Candice LeRae. Kai wanted to be number one contender. Rhea Ripley confronted her to make a challenge. Ripley wants the next title shot, and Kai said she was going to talk to Mr. Regal about it.

Shotzi Blackheart vs. Mercedes Martinez w/Aliyah & Robert Stone

Martinez was dominant from the start until Blackheart with counter used an inside cradle for a two count. Blackheart fired up, and she got another two count with a Code Red. Blackheart was cleaning house when Martinez cut her off with a spinebuster.  Martinez a super back suplex off the turnbuckles. Martinez then executed an Air Raid Crash to score the pinfall.

Winner: Mercedes Martinez

Keith Lee was interrupted by Scarlett on the stage and then Karrion Kross’s promo on the titantron. Kross presented Lee with two choices. One was the easy way where Lee gives Kross a title shot. The other option was the hard way, and Kross cautioned Lee he did not want to see that. “Everyone will suffer,” Kross warned. Lee told Kross to pick the time and place.

Next week: 

#1 Contender’s match: Rhea Ripley vs. Dakota Kai

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