Today In History: Layla Betrays Kaitlyn (August 2, 2013)

On this day in history, 7 years ago, Layla turned heel when she betrayed Kaitlyn in her Divas Title match against AJ Lee. Four days after Kaitlyn overcame AJ Lee with an earth-shattering Spear on Raw for a huge non-title win, the “Hybrid Diva” looked to reclaim the Divas Championship on SmackDown in her hometown of Houston. However, when the action spilled outside the ring, the observing Layla suddenly jumped out of Kaitlyn’s corner and blocked the powerful Diva’s attack. That momentary pause allowed a recovering AJ to slam her stunned opponent into the ring barrier before making her tap out inside the ring with the Black Widow. The newly formed duo skipped away as the devastated Kaitlyn looked on.

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