SummerSlam Results (2020)

SmackDown Women’s Championship: Bayley (c) vs. Asuka

Asuka dominated early. She flew off the steel steps and landed a DDT on the outside. Bayley took over after kicking Asuka’s leg out of her leg and used a cutter in the ropes. Asuka came back with kicks but Bayley caught her in a Bayley-to-belly suplex for two. Asuka came back with a kick to the head, shoulder tackles, running hip attack, knee strike, a German suplex and another hip attack for two. Asuka tried another hip attack on the apron but Bayley countered and slammed her knees-first on the apron. 

Bayley had a leglock and you could see fans clapping for Asuka to get up. You could hear clapping too. Asuka responded with a Codebreaker for two. Bayley countered a missile dropkick into another leglock but Asuka got a rope break. Bayley used a sunset flip powerbomb into the turnbuckle but Asuka countered a flying elbow drop into an armbar. Banks was yelling at Asuka so Asuka kicked her (and let go of the hold). Asuka was distracted by Banks again and Bayley used a schoolgirl for a nearfall. Asuka went for a hip attack but Bayley moved and Asuka knocked Banks off the apron. Bayley caught Asuka in a cradle for the pinfall win. Banks and Bayley attacked Asuka after the match.

Winner: Bayley (c)

Thoughts: A really good match between these two. Even though we have seen it a lot already, they delivered something new and fresh. The finish was expected and closed one part of the story.

Rating: 3.5

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