SummerSlam Results (2020)

Raw Women’s Championship: Sasha Banks (c) vs. Asuka

Banks targeted Asuka’s leg which was hurt form the previous match but Asuka fought right back. Banks dodged a kick and Asuka kicked the ring post by accident. Banks followed with a nasty Powerbomb off the apron to the outside. Banks used a running kick to the head for two. Asuka used an electric chair drop and kneebar but Banks fought out. Asuka followed with a DDT off the top buckle for two, then a missile dropkick for two. Banks used a cool counter into a double knee strike for two. Banks missed a frog splash and Bayley gave her words of encouragement. Asuka caught her in the Asuka Lock but Banks reversed into a Crossface. Asuka reversed into an Asuka Lock but Banks slipped out. Asuka gave Bayley a spinning back fist to knock her off the apron before putting Banks in the Asuka Lock again for the submission win. 

Winner: Asuka – NEW CHAMPION

Thoughts: Much like Bayley vs. Asuka, we have seen the match up a lot, but they managed to deliver a fresh, fast-paced match. The Powerbomb on the outside was the highlight and they kept the pace throughout the match. Wish it could’ve been longer, but overall a great performance with these two, as usual.

Rating: 4

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