Clash Of Champions Results (2020)

Raw Womens Championship: Asuka (c) vs. Zelina Vega

Vega went after Asuka’s arm early before the champion briefly took over. As Asuka followed Vega to the outside of the ring, Vega took advantage by pulling Asuka into the ring steps. Vega remained focused on Asuka’s arm, locking up the limb or driving it into the canvas at every opportunity. Vega came close down the stretch to scoring a sneaky pin after all her arm work, but Asuka slipped her into the Asuka Lock to win the match.

Winner: Asuka (c)

Asuka was interviewed after the match. She called Zelina a firecracker. Vega baited Asuka into a bow of respect and kicked her while she was doing it. She quickly left the ring while Asuka grabbed the mic and yelled at her in Japanese.

Thoughts: Relatively short, but sweet. Vega held her own and showed some unique offense. I wish the finish wasn’t so abrupt, but it showed the danger of the Asuka Lock. The program looks to be continuing, so let’s see if they do more in the following matches.

Rating: 2

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