Today In History: Bayley Wins MITB And SmackDown Women’s Championship (May 19, 2019)

On this day in history, just a year ago, Bayley proved herself once again when she won the MITB contract and the Smackdown Women's Championship in the same night. AFter besting 7 other women in the MITB Ladder match, Bayley decided to get involved in the SmackDown Women's title affair. Amid a two-on-one beatdown from... Continue Reading →

Raw Results – May 11, 2020 (The Mom)

Raw Women's Champion Becky Lynch opened the show, carrying the MITB briefcase in her hand. She addressed the WWE Universe, telling them they supported her when no one else would and for that, they deserved to know that she had to go away for a while. She was interrupted by Asuka, who claimed her MITB... Continue Reading →

Major Spoiler For Tonight’s Monday Night Raw reports that during tonight's Raw broadcast, which was taped earlier today, there will be a segment where Becky Lynch vacates the Raw Women's Championship to Asuka, who won the Money in the Bank Briefcase on last night's PPV. also reports that Lynch's announcement is known, but that they will respect her privacy until... Continue Reading →

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